Startling research reveals a quarter of a million illegal gas jobs

The study carried out for Gas Safe Register, estimates that 7,500 hard core illegal gas fitters are doing these jobs without the skills or the qualifications to work on gas.

Gas Safe want everyone to understand that different types of gas work require different qualifications.  Just because someone is qualified and registered to work on one gas appliance, for example gas boilers, does not mean that they are automatically qualified to put in a gas fire.  If they do this, the work is illegal and potentially life threatening. The work that engineers can legally do is listed on the back of their Gas Safe Register card – and it’s so important you check this every time you have work done.

In the right hands gas is perfectly safe, but in the hands of an illegal gas fitter it can kill.  Gas Safe are urging people to help them to protect the public by…

1.   always asking for and checking the engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card to make sure they are qualified to do the work
2.   urging the public to nominate their property for a free gas safety check if they have had gas work done in their home in the last six months
3.   reporting suspected illegal gas workers to Gas Safe Register