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Power Flushing & Radiators

The build up of sludge in hot water central heating systems occurs over time whatever fuel is used.  After awhile this sludge can prevent radiators from distributing heat correctly and lead to cold areas on radiators.

Sludge build up can also seriously affect the efficiency of your central heating system leading to higher fuel bills and potentially the failure of your whole heating system.

Power flushing your central heating system is a tried and tested solution that will remove blockages in your pipes, radiators and improve the life and efficiency of your boiler.

Remember, after a long lay off over the summer any sludge in the radiators will have tended to solidify, potentially leading to big problems in the autumn.

Warning Signs that your system requires Power Flushing

1. Dirty black or brown water present when bleeding radiators suggesting system corrosion.

2. Radiators cold at the bottom from trapped black sludge that has built up over time.

3. Radiators cold all over due to blocked valves and pipes.

4. Irritating boiler noise from scale and sludge build up that is a warning sign of imminent boiler problems.

5. Little or no hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchangers.

6. Boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocked pump or heat exchanger.

7. Radiators cold at top and need bleeding more often due to gases, a by product of rusting.

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