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Solar Photovoltaic Panels

At Wessex Renewable Energy we have a wealth of experience in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system design and installations. We can advise which Solar PV system best suits your property and will take you step-by-step through the process; from surveying your home, providing a detailed report and installing your panels, to helping you register for the Feed in Tariff scheme.

Save Money and Combat Rising Fuel Prices

The more energy you can generate the less reliant you are on the national grid and associated fluctuations in energy prices. If wholesale prices continue to rise as predicted, then the benefit of having your own sustainable source of electricity will also rise.

The size of your Solar PV array will depend on the type of PV cells used, the space available on your roof and your budget. Solar PV modules can be supplied for both frame mounted and in-roof systems. In-roof systems replace the standard roof covering (tiles, slates, etc.) and form part of the building’s watertight cover. Frame mounted systems are far more common and sit on top of the existing roof and are fitted to the structure by special watertight brackets and fixings.

As part of your Solar PV survey we will also look at the energy performance of your house and issue you an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) with advice and solutions on how to make your home more energy efficient and help reduce your energy costs.

Help reduce your carbon footprint

Solar power is a sustainable energy resource. A typical home solar PV system could save over a tonne of CO2 per year - that’s more than 20 tonnes over its lifetime.

Feed In Tariff

With the reduction in the amount of electricity you buy from the national grid, combined with the Government’s 20 year feed-in tariff scheme that pays a tax free, index linked sum for every unit of electricity your Solar PV system generates, you can expect the system to pay for itself in the first 6 to 9 years - equalling a return on investment of 7%-10%.

More information on the feed-in tariff can be found on the Energy Saving Trust’s website by clicking this LINK

Choose your installer wisely

Following the government’s Feed-in Tariff initiative and associated press coverage, many companies and individuals rushed to enter the solar PV market. Many are purely sales driven organizations and have little or no installation experience and no local presence.

The market is rife with commission driven sales executives employing hard-sell tactics. We guarantee not to employ such tactics. All our proposals are supported by a comprehensive report and include a calculation summary sheet so you can clearly see what income you are likely receive and how much you will save on your electricity bill.

Whilst the principle of designing a PV system is relatively simple, the installation often requires all the skills and experience of a top quality roofer and electrician. Whilst most (not all) roofs can accommodate solar panels, the weight of the panels and the aerodynamic lift in high winds are both essential considerations when assessing the roof structure and best watertight fixing method.

Wessex are MCS accredited in our own right and have 50 years of installation experience to draw upon. Please see our Case Studies section for details of some notable recent Solar PV system we have installed.

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