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Wessex Group have joined forces with Anesco to provide a one-stop shop for private, public and third sector organisations who want to take advantage of the amazing opportunities currently available to replace or extend old, expensive to run, energy systems with new, highly efficient ones with no capital outlay required.

Who are Anesco?

Anesco is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) that provides complete energy saving solutions at little or no cost to the client. Together we have a unique service model whereby we assess all possible energy saving measures for a client, install them at no up-front cost and receive payments based on the energy savings made.

What do we do?

Wessex Renewable Energy, the Group’s specialist energy services company, and Anesco provide services covering an extensive range of technologies including biomass, solar power, renewable heating, insulation, as well as other energy efficiency solutions. In addition, Anesco also provide energy services to businesses, including energy efficiency consultancy and a range of ongoing energy monitoring solutions.

Wessex have an excellent supply chain providing unrivalled technical support, the most advanced technologies and among the best performing products in the industry. We seek to continuously improve products and to provide brilliant customer experience with a dynamic team of industry professionals, who are dedicated to delighting customers and driving the business forward.

What can we do for you?

We know that many organisations are aware that there are some amazing opportunities out there to make huge savings on fuel costs. Your main drivers for this might be:

  • To reduce your own costs and overheads
  • To help increase profits
  • To enable you to plough savings into other worthwhile projects
  • To reduce the serious impact of fuel poverty for tenants
  • To reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint

While you may be serious about this, we also know that many organisations need help to find out what their options are, to carry out detailed evaluations of the costs and benefits and so on. That’s where we can come in. This is our business.

How does it work?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to this. There are so many options available, which depend on what your requirements are, the sort of project you have in mind, your location and so on.

However, a typical project might begin when an organisation realises that its energy bills are spiralling out of control, or when their old heating and hot water systems are becoming uneconomic to repair, or when their customers tell them they can’t afford to keep warm.

We will come in to talk to you initially to assess your requirements and to tell you more about the options, costs and benefits. We are always happy to help you to design a bespoke solution if that is what you want. We will then go away and draw up a range of detailed proposals for you.

To do this, we use our expertise and experience in the energy and renewables industry, as well as our financial expertise, which helps us to access government incentives and the very best financing deals available.

The project delivery process

The ESCO model provides a fully-funded solution to undertaking sustainable upgrades, at no up-front cost to the client. The investment is then paid for through a share of energy savings created and guaranteed by Anesco.

Our model also includes a comprehensive servicing and repair package for all elements of the project installation, paid for out of the Anesco share of the savings. This ensures the projects maintain the guaranteed savings levels set out in the proposals, as well as reducing operational cost and burden on the client.

You owe it to yourselves, your shareholders, board members and residents to look closely at this. A range of organisations as diverse as councils, hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and housing associations are already looking at this or have progressed with fully installed and maintained projects of their own.

More information about Anesco is available at:

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