Fire & Security

Fire Detection & Alarm

Over the last 10 years there has been a significant increase in the use of low cost battery powered smoke detectors. These very inexpensive devices do provide improved smoke detection and have undoubtedly been responsible for saving many lives in the UK.

Nevertheless, these units do have their limitations. Being battery dependent they need to be regularly checked and generally only provide a local alarm. For larger properties where many devices need to be installed, their limitations are compounded, making battery devices impractical.

For many years the option of connecting fire detection devices to domestic intruder systems has been available and so called ‘system driven’ fire detectors, if part of a well-designed and well maintenance intruder system , do provide a much more robust and dependable fire detection and alarm facility.

 It is nevertheless not uncommon for a standalone fire alarm system to be installed in domestic residences. This is particularly the case where the risks in the property are high or the persons living within the house are particularly vulnerable.

Specialist forms of detection such as air sampling systems and linear heat detection are increasingly being used to maximise detection speed at point of risk in environments such as thatched properties, listed properties and properties where standard fire detection devices appear incongruous and  obtrusive.

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